Insight, based on the science of learning and reading, encompasses the way we teach in every classroom. This teaching approach empowers all educators to help our students grow in knowledge, wisdom and service. We believe every student in our care deserves an exceptional education that prepares them for life and the life to come. The Insight project has been developed by Catholic Education in partnership with world renowned educational experts. The Insight project focuses on improving the three key foundations of teaching and learning:

  1. A comprehensive, knowledge rich Curriculum: that supports student’s growth in learning, knowing and remembering - every day.
  2. Cognitive Science (the Science of Learning): Developing our understanding about how people learn; to overcome the limits of working memory in order to maximise student learning and to build long-term memory in all key subjects.
  3. High impact Pedagogy: Regular and intensive coaching to assist our educators in actively applying the science of learning as we design highly efficient and effective teaching and learning methods in the classroom.