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Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School, Ulverstone

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On behalf of the School and Sacred Heart Parish community, I welcome you to our beautiful school.

As parents enrolling your child into Kindergarten at Sacred Heart School you are committing yourself to supporting your child's education in faith and life.   The staff and parish community recognizes the value and dignity of all people and promote a positive interaction between teachers, students, administrators, parents and friends.  Parents are recognised as the first educators of children and the staff believe that all their endeavours at school are part of a responsibility they share with you. 

We will take every care to ensure that the children in our care witness quality, equity and justice in the school environment. We will help them  feel secure and experience success so they learn to view themselves as valued members of a community regardless of their level of ability.

We believe that a partnership between family and school should be founded on a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, communication and involvement.

We feel it is a privilege to work with you in the education of your child.  Your opinions are valued and always welcomed throughout the child's education at Sacred Heart School.  Please feel welcome to discuss any aspect of your child's education with the teachers or myself.

Your involvement in the life of the school and church community is most welcome and I trust it is both rewarding and productive for you and your child.  I'm sure you will find that the more you put into the life of the school and the parish the more you will feel part of the community.

Please contact the school if you need any issues clarified. 

Michelle Wootton


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