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P&F Association

Can you be part of our Parents & Friends Association??  You are already part of this Association by having a child attending Sacred Heart.

I hear you say, “I do not have any time” – we are all busy, but do you not want a say in what happens with the money you fundraise to enhance your child’s experience at Sacred Heart.

We need everybody’s help; we are all very busy but you do not need to commit many hours to be able to make a contribution.  You may only be able to attend one meeting per term, you may be able to volunteer to cook at a BBQ and you could help at the school disco, in the canteen or maybe at a school athletics carnival.

You do not need any qualifications – why not come along to our next meeting to see what it is all about.


Date for our remaining 2015 meetings

20 April 

11 May

15 June

21 July

10 August

14 September

12 October

9 November

7 December (AGM)

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